by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — The Washington Redskins, last week, hired longtime liberal political blogger Ben Tribbett to join in their fight to preserve the team’s name, which the assault against, he calls “mostly sort of a PC campaign.”

Tribbett, 34, joined 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier Monday morning, to explain his role and how he came to be recruited by the organization.

“The Redskins are a football team, and so they don’t have a lot experience having to deal with things in the political realm,” Tribbett said. “They don’t have political views as a team, obviously, and so I’m here to sort of assist them as this has become more of a political issue in the last few months.”

“I think that what’s going on, is the team wants to focus on football,” he said. “I think that what I can help them with, is helping by them having people on board that can handle and help them with some of the political issues. It allows them and a few others to focus on the stuff that they’re actually here to do, which is football.”

Tribbett described his role as being not so much about shaping the message the Redskins are looking to project, with regard to its name, but rather mimicking the opinion of the  majority of the team’s fans, which is, citing multiple polls, for the name ‘Redskins’ to remain unchanged.

“It’s not so much as shaping messages – I think the message is already out there,” Tribbett said. “The Redskins are a fan-driven organization. All sports teams are sort of, they rely on their fans for their base of support, and the fans have spoken really loudly on this, I think, that they want the Redskins to keep their name.

“In all the public opinion polls, the fans overwhelmingly support the Redskins, and everything based internally also backs that up. And so, what the Redskins are doing – it’s not just the team’s position – they’re really supporting what the fans want them to do, which is to keep the name.

“And I see that even on your website today, you guys are doing a poll on whether the Redskins will change their name, and 73 percent of your listeners say ‘they never will.’

That poll, which as of this writing, can be found along the right rail of all sports stories, asks the question: “How long will it be until the Washington Redskins change their name?”

The results are as follows: 73% says the team will “never change the name,” while 10.61% say it will take “more than 2 years” for the name to be changed, and 8.72% say it will change within “1-2 years.”

Only 7.31% of people polled believe the name will be changed within the calendar year.

“I thought that was interesting, because the other polls that have been done on this – and obviously, more scientific public polls rather than an internet poll – on whether they should change the name, and on that, the public’s overwhelming come down saying in every poll, ‘No, they should not,’” Tribbett said. “Yours is a little bit different in that it asks, ‘Will they?’ And I think that by answering ‘No,’ what your listeners are saying when they say they won’t, is that they don’t they don’t think that this will ever reach the point where the Redskins would change their name, and that’s because, I think the public understands that overwhelmingly the fans want to keep this name, and they know that that won’t ever change.”

On the team’s name, Tribbett went on to say “it means a lot to people,” noting the historical sentiment fans in favor of keeping it feel.

“I think that what the senators really underestimated when they wrote that letter, was how much support the Redskins really do have in the community, and how much people – they’re not just fans of team – they want to keep the name that’s been around for 70 years because that’s what they were raised with, and it’s their parents’ team and their grandparents’ team, and they don’t want to see that changed, for, what I think is mostly sort of a PC campaign,” Tribbett concluded.

You can view and vote in that poll below.

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