by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Two days before LeBron James officially opted out of his deal with the Miami Heat, Carmelo Anthony made the same contractual decision with his New York Knicks deal, and famed internet troll Gilbert Arenas was watching.

Gil made waves for his trolling of Roy Hibbert during the Wizards-Pacers playoff series earlier this year, posts which he’s since deleted from Instagram (conventional ‘fool me once’ wisdom would suggest it’s wasted effort continuing to rely on Gilbert for new Instagram troll stories, but alas, we forge ahead).

Without further ado, here’s Gil’s Knicks fan troll:

“This summer gonna be interesting!!!”

“Teammates be happy when star players leave..They start says shit like #greatteamwin #waytomovetheball #oneteamonegoal #greatteameffort #werebetterwithoutthem lmao standing be like EASTERN CONFERENCE LAST PLACE hahaha”

“NYC y’all all better make @carmeloanthony y’all #MCM everyone who said its time too start over..take a look down in Cleveland smdh is this the 6th number 1 pick n a many more y’all need to win 30 games??? Cav fans I know ur tired of these saying WE #rebuilding OUR #futuresbright ITS A #learningseason BUILDING AROUND THIS #coregroup… This ain’t the movie #bluechips”

Gilbert saved just enough ammo to turn the guns on himself, proving once again, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Actually, I’m pretty sure he’s never been accused of that.

“somebody asked arenas ARENT u a free agent? #YES..but it’s been 3 years YOU not a free agent BRA you unemployed #haterthursdays today is the day to hate on somebody doing better then you lmaoo”

You may or may not remember, Gilbert has been trolling working hard this offseason training for a comeback.


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