LANHAM, Md. (WNEW) — When it comes to consumer spending, mom is apparently king.

The National Retail Federation says Father’s Day, which is on June 15 this year, “is a blip on the retail sales radar compared to Christmas and Mother’s Day.”

American consumers told the NRF that they planned to spend an average of $163 on Mother’s Day this year, or $19.9 billion total.

Meanwhile, average spending on dads is only expected to be about $113.80, or $12.5 billion total. That’s a $7.4 billion difference.

Mother’s Day is the third most expensive “holiday” season in the U.S., after the winter holidays and the back-to-school season. It even trumps Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Father’s Day is only ahead of the Super Bowl, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day when it comes to consumer spending.

The RTF says gifts for moms tend to be more along the lines of special outings, apparel and jewelry that may be more expensive than the neckties, sweaters and tickets to sporting events that dads tend to receive.