by Chuck Carroll

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Time machines are silly. And also a complete work of fiction.

Luckily, JP was tweeted a link to a documentary about The Junkies from 1999, thus eliminating the need for Bill and Ted or Dr. Emmett Brown.

This 22-minute gem was produced by a Joe Little, a student from Syracuse who filmed it for his masters project. Truly, this throwback is must-see TV for any longtime listener of the show.

Cakes has hair, EB has glasses, JP has a little less snow on the roof, and Lurch looks the same — although it does appear he has changed the spelling of his name.

The Junks talked about it this morning, too. It’s a great chronology of how they transformed from a cable access show hosts to major market radio personalities. Of course, now they’re big timers with “Table Manners” and countless endorsements.

And the boys talked about it on the show Tuesday morning.


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