WASHINGTON (WNEW) — A D.C. cyclist says he was issued a $100 ticket for his role in a minor traffic accident that wasn’t his fault — and he’s got the video to prove it.

On May 9, Evan Wilder was riding his bike along R Street NE when he says he was cut off by a pick-up truck, causing him to crash into the rear of the truck when it stopped at a stop sign.

Wilder and the driver of the truck got into a verbal altercation, trading expletives and arguing over who was at fault for the incident.

A video camera mounted on Wilder’s bike captured all the action.

In the video, the driver can be heard yelling, “The bike lane is over there, dude,” while Wilder attempts to explain to the man that the narrow road is marked to allow bikes to use the full lane.

At one point, the truck driver picks up Wilder’s bike off the ground and throws it over the bed of his truck and onto the other side of the road.

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Wilder was taken to the hospital as a precaution despite showing no signs of injury.

While in the emergency room, Wilder says a D.C. police officer issued him a $100 ticket for following too closely to a vehicle. According to the police report, witnesses said the cyclist was following too close and the truck was stopped when the bike hit it.

The driver of the truck wasn’t issued a ticket. Wilder says his bike sustained about $400 worth of damage.

Wilder says he will fight the $100 ticket, but he might not have to.

D.C. Police tell WNEW senior correspondent Mark Segraves that they’ve launched an investigation into the incident after seeing Wilder’s video.

“We are investigating this crash and we received video that we are reviewing. Upon further review, a determination will be made as whether to change the classification of this incident,” said D.C. Police spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump.

Sources close to the investigation tell WNEW that the truck driver now may be facing destruction of property charges.

The driver of the truck refused to comment on the incident, saying it’s a legal matter now.

Watch the video below:

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WNEW Senior Correspondent Mark Segraves contributed to this report. Follow Mark on Twitter.