Richmond, Va. (CBS DC) — A 17-year-old Richmond girl says she was kicked out of her prom because the father chaperones at the event said her dress was “too provocative,” and that she was creating “impure thoughts” among the dads.

In the blog post on, the young woman identified as Clare writes of her experiences at the Richmond Homeschool Prom that she attempted to attend with her boyfriend.

Almost immediately upon entering the event, she was told by one of the women organizing the event, identified as Mrs. D, that her “dress is too short,” and “too provocative.”

According to the author of the blog post, “F*** The Patriarchy,” the only guideline for the prom was that dresses were “fingertip length,” which was made problematic by the 17-year-old’s 5-foot-9-inch height and long legs. After recognizing that the dress was the appropriate “fingertip length,” Mrs. D just told her to be “careful” and to “make sure it stays pulled down.”

As she is allowed to enter the event ballroom, the writer notes that she was “a little grossed out by all the dads on the balcony above the dance floor, ogling and talking amongst themselves.”

Clare joined her friends on the dance floor, but was then called off the dance floor once again.

A back-and-forth between a chaperone, and the Mrs. D organizer continued over the appropriateness of the dress length: “’The dress is too short’ and I asked the chaperone standing next to her what the rule was and she reiterated that it had to be fingertip length, I showed her my fingers and said ‘Is this fingertip length?’ and she again said ‘yes, but I can’t make that call it’s on Mrs. D.’”

At this point Mrs. D told her the real issue: “That some of the dads who were chaperoning had complained that my dancing was too provocative, and that I was going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”

After an exchange with Clare’s date over refunds, security was called to have Clare and her friends gather their things and leave.

Clare argues in her post that her group should have been refunded because some of the chaperones were not “adult enough” to own up to their own wrong actions and thoughts in the situation, asking that they “issue an apology for kicking me out of my senior prom because their husbands felt as though my body was something they had a right to control.”

Among her many specific complaints about the event, the author notes that she “felt violated, walked over and ostracized by the supposed adults at the prom.

“I was told that the way I dressed and moved my body was causing men to think inappropriately about me, implying that it is my responsibility to control other people’s thoughts and drives,” she wrote.

She continues, “I felt violated by the sheer number of male parents that were assigned to do nothing for five hours other then watch girls in short dresses and heels dance to upbeat music. I think that it is sick and wrong that they assigned them to sit on a balcony above us and look down on us and single us out for our clothes or dancing.”