Indianapolis, Ind. (CBS DC) — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin did not mince her words in verbal attacks against “leftist liberals” and other gun control advocates, suggesting several parallels between colonial American patriots and those in attendance at this weekend’s National Rifle Association convention.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate took several opportunities to take shots at “hypocrites” in Washington politics, using the term “they” throughout much of her speech against big government at the NRA’s annual convention in Indianapolis.

“NRA leadership is needed now more than ever, and you all are needed now more than ever,” said Palin. “Because every day we are seeing more and more efforts to strip away our Second Amendment rights.

“If the second amendment goes, the rest of the Constitution is not far behind.”

Discussing many Obama administration policies, Palin noted Attorney General Eric Holder’s proposal for “identifying bracelets” for gun owners and what she sees as a weak, politically correct attitude used in President Barack Obama’s current foreign policy.

“If I were in charge…” Palin began, to much applause, “they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists,” she said to even louder applause,also making several references to “jihad” terrorists that the U.S. should be “putting the fear of God” into.

It was clear who Palin – along with several other high-profile Republicans – thought “they” are, reiterating the term to show liberal, big-government opposition to the nation’s gun owners. She referenced Sens. Al Franken and Harry Reid as just a few of “those clownish little, kumbaya-humming, fairy tale-inhaling liberals.”

“I do have to apologize for that, I am sorry, not all intolerant, anti-freedom leftist liberals are hypocrites.
I’m kidding, yes they are,” she quipped.

“If you control oil, you control an economy. If you control money, you control commerce,” said Palin. “But if you control arms, you control the people, and that is what they’re trying to do.”

Palin was among several potential Republican presidential candidates rallying around gun-rights supporters Friday at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention, touting their pro-gun credentials while also urging the crowd to fight not just for their Second Amendment rights but for other freedoms they say are being threatened by big government policies and officials.

Palin used several comments to make jokes about several high-profile Democrats.

“Those Democrats, trying to get all Pelosi on you,” she said to laughter from the audience, while also referring to Democrats as “them in Washington” and “the intellectual elite.”

“There were 30 times as many Americans who registered for a gun license than registered for Obamacare,” said Palin.

Also taking a shot at the federal government, NRA president Wayne LaPierre said, “The IRS is now a weapon to punish anyone who disagrees with them, and that means every one of you.” He also blasted a “national news media that fails to provide a level playing field for the truth.”

LaPierre and Palin both restated that the 2014 midterm elections would be the platform for conservatives and gun rights advocates to take back control of an “out-of-control” government, with LaPierre saying that this year’s elections are “going to be a bare-knuckle street fight.”

— Benjamin Fearnow

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