by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Former Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas made an impromptu phone call into 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny on Thursday.

Arenas, now 32, clarified in his interview the details of his contract, dispelling the “fib” that he’s still currently the third-highest player in the NBA, making upwards of $20 million per year.

In fact, as recently as last week, ESPN the Magazine published a list of the 32 highest-paid athletes in the world, on which Gilbert came in at No. 30, listed as making $22,346,536 in 2013.

“By the way, the third-highest paid player in the NBA this season,” Grant Paulsen said.

“That’s not true. That’s not true,” Arenas said.

“That’s not true?” Paulsen asked.

“Noooo, no, that’s been a fib for awhile,” Arenas replied. “No, when they did the amnesty [clause], when the amnesty came in, I think it was two years ago, what they did was, instead of me getting paid $20 [million] a year, they extended the years and dropped the money down. So instead of getting 20 I was getting 12 for a longer period of time. So I’m still getting paid until 2016.”

Arenas still roots for the Wizards, and has been throughout their 2014 playoff run against the Bulls. It’s even more than just rooting for them, for Gil though, who last played for Washington on Dec. 16, 2010.

He casually refers to the current roster as “we” and “us.”

Talking about the Wizards-Bulls series, Gil said, “I’m glad Nene came back right in time. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with him, because we needed him for the playoffs.

“I knew we were a 5 [seed] but it was because of Nene being out. I feel this was one of those teams that we were going to beat up on, because in a seven game series, you have to actually put that ball in the basket, and they just don’t have enough firepower to outscore us.”

Asked about the we‘s and us’s by Paulsen, Arenas said he still thinks of D.C. as home.

“I lived in Washington longer than I’ve lived anywhere else, so it’s considered home, even though I’ve moved back to California,” he said. “But when you grow up as a kid, and an adult – from 21 to 29 – I lived in D.C. So it’s my home team.

“Right now I’m a fan. When you’re a fan, that’s your team. That’s ‘us.’ ‘We’ lose. ‘We’ lost. ‘We’ won. So that’s just like any other fan. I feel like most ex-NBA players don’t embrace the team they played for.”

Oh, and Arenas said he’s training to make a comeback in the NBA.

“I’m in the middle of training now,” Arenas said. “I said I’m gonna give it one more chance. I told Nick [Young] I’m gonna actually put some heart into it. You know, I lost it there for awhile.”

He last appeared in an NBA uniform in the playoffs for the Memphis Grizzlies on May 13, 2012.

Maybe the Wizards could sign him.

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