by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Wizards stunned the Bulls 101-99 Tuesday night, taking two on the road for a 2-0 series lead in Chicago to return to D.C. with a chance to close out the series at home.

Washington rallied from being down 10 in the fourth quarter — after blowing a 17-point first-quarter lead — to take a commanding lead in overtime, which they would hold, thanks in part to six clutch points from Nene.

Call it D.C. sports; call it being emotionally burned by the Nationals, Redskins and Capitals — on seemingly countless postseason letdowns — but area fans were careful to become emotionally invested in these Wizards, despite this being the team’s first playoff appearance in 6 seasons — with many taking the approach of dipping their toes in the water.

After the game, John Wall had a message for those fans.

In speaking with Chris Miller of CSN Washington after the game, Wall was sure to sever any lasting ties between his current team and the same-old-Wizards stigma.

From CSN Washington:

Miller: You told me this morning, it would be easy to be complacent and just take the first win and go home, split. What was the difference? Why did you guys want to get this win tonight?

Wall: Because we don’t want to be like every other team in the playoffs that got their first win on the road, and they lost tonight. We wanted to be a different team. We have a goal set for ourselves of making the playoffs, and we didn’t want to just make the playoffs.

We’re trying to leave a statement. And they said we were inexperienced. We’re young guys, but we’re very mature for our age and we’re going to fight ‘til the end. We know we’ve got a tough one when we get back to D.C. on Friday.

Miller: John, D.C. fans are watching right now. You’re coming home, up 2-0. What’s your message?

Wall: Tell ‘em come out and show us some support. We’re serious right now.

If you’ve been waiting for a changing of the guard moment, you may have just found it.


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