WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – As the United States and Europe work for a diplomatic resolution to the military standoff in Ukraine, a new Gallup poll shows John Kerry with a first year favorability rating lower than any recent Secretary of State, though it is rising.

While a majority of Americans, 55 percent, give him a favorable rating, his immediate predecessor, Hillary Clinton, enjoyed 61 percent support at the end of her first year in Obama’s cabinet.
Condoleeza Rice and Madeleine Albright also had approval from more than 60 percent of Americans after the same amount of time.
Colin Powell had the strongest approval rating at 85 percent about a year into his service as secretary of state.
These poll numbers come from Gallup’s World Affairs poll conducted in February, before the crisis with Russia.
Before that, Gallup asked about Kerry was in September 2013 when the U.S. was considering military action against Syrian president Bashar Assad.
Gallup has asked about Kerry’s favorability from time to time since 1999, when he was a Senator from Massachusetts.
His current 55 percent rating is at the high end of his political career, which peaked at 61 percent after is Democratic presidential primary victory in New Hampshire. When the general election was held that year, 52 percent of Americans viewed him favorably while 43 percent said they viewed him unfavorably.
Gallup says it is likely his stock will rise as the Ukrainian crisis unfolds.
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