by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The tradition of college kids storming the court in reaction to an emotional home court victory may have finally jumped the shark Thursday night.

After completing a thrilling 66-61 overtime upset of New Mexico State, Utah Valley students took their cue, emptying from the stands and filling the hardwood.

One New Mexico State player, furious with the loss, launched the basketball in hand at an opposing player, oblivious to the sea of Utah Valley green filling in around him.

As players from both sides began jawing back and forth, the stage was set for chaos.

And chaos is exactly what ensued as soon as one punch was thrown, and then another, and another, calling into question the future viability of court-storming.

“It’s been fun, but no more,” said Grant Paulsen on 106.7 The Fan. “Something terrible is going to happen. If you think last night was bad – it was – something worse is going to happen. We can all see it coming.”

“All the competitive juices are flowing – it matters an awful lot to a lot of kids that they lose these games – some drunk jackass is coming off flipping two middle fingers at you, guys are swinging at you at this stage,” Danny Rouhier described the recipe for disaster.

“I can’t believe something worse hasn’t already happened,” he said.

To further emphasize their point, Grant and Danny — along with a crowd of supporting staff — stormed into the office of their boss, Chris Kinard, who’s an admitted staunch defender of storming the court.

Watch that video below.

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