WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Comedian and actor Will Ferrell took to Facebook to encourage people to #GetCovered with health care through the Affordable Care Act — but thousands of Facebook users encouraged Ferrell to keep his opinion to himself.

The “Anchorman” star posted a simple photo of himself smiling and holding a #GetCovered cardboard sign on Facebook. “Still not covered? Get healthcare now! And put some clothes on. #GetCovered,” wrote Ferrell, along with a link to the HealthCare.gov website.

The Facebook commenters did not share the actor’s enthusiasm for supporting President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. Although there were more than 20,000 “likes,” the nearly 6,000 comments on the actor’s post were overwhelmingly negative.

“Should have kept it to yourself..Obviously you Are funny.. But uninformed,” wrote one commenter.

“LOSER! How dare a bloody multi millionaire preach to Americans about buying into a FORCED SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. You should be ashamed! LOSER!” wrote another commenter that received multiple likes itself.

“Typical Hollywood liberal puppet!” wrote another.

One commenter simply posted a photo of a middle finger.

Many commenters commended the comedian for being both funny and a good actor, but they advised Ferrell to keep out of politics.

“U pay I’ll get covered we luv ya Will Ferrell don’t ruin it please by mixing business & politics,” wrote one person.

“Since when are you a tout for socialism? Stick to the lighter jokes funnyman,” wrote one commenter.

The Affordable Care Act has already received celebrity support, with Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Wilde and a series of other A-list celebrities encouraging Americans to sign up through the health care exchanges.

The White House retweeted Ferrell’s “Funny or Die” tweet regarding his health care post.

“Funny or Die @funnyordie: Don’t have healthcare? Will Ferrell wants you to #GetCovered! http://healthcare.gov” retweeted the White House’s official Twitter account.

Thousands of comments continue to be posted, and there were many who went as far as saying that Ferrell’s Facebook pitch was “heroic.”

“Keep pitching, Will! Let the rest of them be idiots. You’re a hero,” wrote one commenter. “Awesome, mad respect for you Will! Too many of these people are extremely ignorant,” wrote another.

Benjamin Fearnow


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