WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — The Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security said Sunday that there is a “high degree of probability” of an explosion during the Sochi Olympic games.

Speaking with Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday, Rep. Mike McCaul said that an explosion or bomb of some sort is likely to go off during the Olympics in Russia, although he suggested it would happen outside the Olympic Village itself.

“There’s a high degree of probability that something will detonate, something will go off,” McCaul said. “But I do think it’s probably, most likely going to happen outside of the Ring of Steel at the Olympic Village.”

“You’re saying, as the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, you think there is a high probability there will be some explosion outside the Ring of Steel?” Wallace responded.

“I hope I’m wrong in this assessment, but you’re talking about an area of the world where suicide bombers go off all the time,” McCaul replied.

“The fact is, right now, the eyes of the world are upon these Olympics. The Chechen extremists know this. They want to make a global statement. They want to make a jihad statement. And what better time to do this than right now?”

McCaul suggested that the global stage combined with the prevalence of such threats in the area is likely to lead to a “hit” within Russia during the games.

“Remember, they don’t have to hit in the Ring of Steel, at the Olympic Village,” McCaul added. “As long as they hit somewhere in Russia, that, to them, is a victory.”


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