by Kris Ankarlo

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Sharing seems to be the Millennial trend. Sharing bikes, sharing rides … and sharing workspace.

Adam Segal hopes that last bit of sharing works in his favor. Segal is the founder of Cove, it’s a business that creates what he calls productive space for those who are looking for a different way to work.

“We say we’re the alternative to working at home or working at a coffee shop … those examples might be seen as alternatives to an office. But we align ourselves closer to a coffee shop, we’re more like a productive coffee shop,” Segal says. “We have marginal coffee, but for the price of a latte you can work here for an hour, or a couple of hours.”

Segal says the customers stopping by Cove are diverse, which is the point. The space is meant to be an opportunity for collaboration between people who wouldn’t otherwise work next to one another.

“It will be a consultant, it will be an artist, it will be a student, it will be a start-up and a lawyer,” Segal says. “There are lot of things that you wouldn’t necessarily consider co-habitating, but here it’s all about the community component and people interacting on a daily basis.”

Segal is quick to point out that plugging in earbuds and working independently is as acceptable as being social.

The plans range from eight hours for $24 per month to 50 hours for $124 per month. Customers scan in to begin their time, during which they can print, use the WiFi and drink all the coffee they want.

Customers can also check ahead of time on their phones or computers to see how much space is available, and also to see who is at each of the locations — one in Dupont Circle, opened September, and the second location on 14th Street opened two weeks ago.

Segal says business has been steady, and that his financial backers are believers in the shared economy.

It’s a phenomenon, he says, that has been re-invented as younger Americans choose to move back into cities.

“Modern technology has allowed us to be more mobile with that comes this idea that we no longer need to go to the same place every day, meaning I no longer have to sit next to a co-worker or I don’t have to be in a particular environment to do what I have to do to get things done,” Segal says. “It’s evolving, and D.C.’s evolving with it.”

Segal says they are planning to expand Cove into other communities throughout the District.

“We just want to make it part of your day, part of your schedule irrespective of where you are in the city,” he says.

WNEW’s Kris Ankarlo contributed to this story. Follow Kris on Twitter.