It’s been a turbulent few months for music superstar Justin Bieber.

After making headlines for drag racing, driving under the influence, peeing in mop buckets and assaulting photographers, some Americans have had enough. A Detroit man started a petition to deport the Canadian-born singer on Jan. 23, and within six days, it had gained the 100,000 signatures needed to be reviewed by the Obama Administration.

On “The Sports Junkies” Thursday morning, The Biebs was defended by a public figure who is no stranger to controversy: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

And when the obvious question of “will Canada take Bieber back” came up, Ford was quick to bring up the superstar’s age.

“You know what, he’s a young guy. At 19 years old, I wish I was as successful as he was,” the mayor said.

“He’s 19-years-old, guys … think about when you were 19.”

Bieber has sold millions of albums and won a slew of awards. He’s also egged a neighbor’s house, been stopped for marijuana on tour, abandoned a pet monkey in Germany and relieved himself in the front yard of a rich Colorado neighborhood.

Hit ‘play’ below to watch the interview:

Ford also said he has never met Bieber, and is not a fan of his music.

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