by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As he’d probably tell you himself, statistically Richard Sherman may in fact be the best corner back in the NFL.

It is certainly true to say Sherman’s capable of giving post-game interviews which will attract equal ports admirers and detractors — some more vocally vicious than others.

When determining causation for such polar reactions, one doesn’t have to look far to notice Sherman is loud, brash and confident,  which warrants, either negative or positive, a reaction. That effect he has on people especially extends to the elite among  his position around the league.

Darrelle Revis, for instance, said the iconic post-game interview with Erin Andrews, in which Sherman adamantly declared himself the ‘best corner in the game,’ and which roughly 60 million Americans were watching live, was very, “me, me, me, me.”

Now, Redskins corner DeAngelo Hall has weighed in on Sherman’s skills.

“I definitely think he’s the best at what they want him to do, what they ask him to do,” Hall told 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny on Tuesday. “To sit there and say he’s the best corner in the game is probably not fair because of what they’re defense asks him to do.”

Hall explained Sherman’s success should be at least partially attributed to his talented teammates, like safeties Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas, and the defensive scheme from which the Seahawks operate.

“They play a lot of Cover 3, but their Cover 3 is predicated on their corners pressing,” he said. “All their linebackers still drop in coverage, obviously they have a heck of a rush, they have probably the best safety in the game; actually, two safeties, because I love Kam Chancellor.”

All in all, Hall believes to call Sherman the ‘best corner’ in the game would be an inaccurate assessment of his skills.

“To say he’s the best corner in the game is a little bit, um … I guess screwed,” Hall said. “Because I love Patrick Peterson myself, personally, just things that guy does on the football field is just exciting. But you can’t deny Richard Sherman’s numbers. His numbers have been amazing.

“But like you said, he’s out there playing the guys to the sideline, and there’s not too many routes a guy can run when their numbers split from the sideline, and you don’t want to run inside with those fierce safeties.”

In summation:

“In this league man, it’s all about longevity,” Hall said. “This guy’s been in the league I think three years. Like I said, he’s probably put together two of the best years I’ve ever seen, numbers-wise, but in this league, to be on Champ [Bailey’s] level, the C. [Woodson’s] level, even Ronde [Barber] when he played, it’s about longevity, it’s about being able to keep this going, being able to adapt to receivers, adapt to different schemes, and being able to play different schemes.”

“Hopefully he goes out there and competes,” Hall concluded.

Numbers-wise,  Sherman and Hall were actually neck-and-neck, just in terms of volume of forced turnovers. Sherman’s 8 interceptions for 125 yards and a touchdown are comparable to Hall’s 4 interceptions for 49 yards, 3 forced fumbles, 1 recovery and 3 total touchdowns.


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