Alexandria, Virginia (CBS DC) — Democrat voters like their clear liquor and Republicans imbibe their dark booze.

A report from the research firm National Media, including data compiled by Gfk MRI, finds that Democratic voters are more inclined to tip back bottles of Grey Goose and Absolut vodkas, while GOP drinkers favor the darker liquors of Jim Beam, Crown Royal and Canadian Club.

The survey of more than 50 major brands showed that the bourbons and whiskeys including Johnnie Walker and Wild Turkey were popular with Republican voters, meanwhile, gin and vodkas were popular with those on the left of the political spectrum.

The analysis of people’s favorite drinks also revealed data on voter apathy. Those who drink Jagermeister and the tequila Don Julio are the least likely to vote at all. Meanwhile, 14 of 15 wines revealed the highest-turnout voters in both political leanings.

Democrats who drink Smoking Loon are the most likely to vote, while Republican drinkers of Kendall-Jackson and Robert Mondavi wines are the most likely to head to the polls on election day.

Democrats drink a more diverse selection of liquors, while Republicans stick to a smaller range of stronger options.

The most “bipartisan” booze of the bunch was rum.  Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Bacardi both stretched across the aisle to appease both Republicans and Democrats.

National Media Research Planning and Placement is an Alexandria-based Republican consulting firm for communication and marketing.


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