Chicago, Ill. (CBS DC) — Speaking with a Chicago Teachers Union on Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor lauded Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” phrase, while comparing it to what he believes will be the summation of the current Obama presidency: “I have a drone.”

The comments from Rev. Jeremiah Wright were labeled as possible “political payback” from the man Obama denounced during his 2008 presidential campaign, according to CNN.

Wright was the keynote speaker at the breakfast celebrating civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s birthday, which was sponsored by the Chicago Teacher’s Union. The union is currently in a very public dispute with the city’s school system and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel – Obama’s former White House chief of staff.

Wright continued his comparison of King and Obama, suggesting that the president is simply a government figurehead.  The Obama administration has received criticism for the US military’s use of unmanned drone strikes.

“Every Tuesday morning there’s a kill list that the president decides who he is gonna kill this week. That’s not the man of peace that you just talked about, that’s a man controlled by the government, that’s a government based upon limitivism, racism and capital. We need to teach the truth, even if it’s painful,” Wright said.

Although cameras were eventually kicked out of the breakfast, portions of the criticism were captured by cell phone.

The CNN report notes that Wright also took shots at Education Secretary Arne Duncan, saying he may have gotten his job for his “hook shot,” a reference to games of basketball he and the president have played in the past.

Wright avoided cameras as he left.

Karen Lewis, the President of the Chicago Teacher’s Association, told CNN that King, much like Wright, had both been reduced and judged by sound bites rather than their body of work.


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