LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Ocean City Councilwoman Mary Knight wants visitors to her touristy town to remember their manners.

That’s why she recently brought the idea of anti-profanity signage for the beach town’s 2.5-mile boardwalk before her fellow councilmembers.

Knight, who is also the chair of the city’s tourism commission, says some of the city’s tourism industry professionals suggested it to her after seeing similar signage at Virginia Beach.

“The more people you get in a crowd, the more people that realize they can be not as responsible for their behavior,” Knight says. “We get a lot of young people in the June time frame but we also get a lot of young couples with young children… the young people who have just graduated high school tend to forget their manners when they come to Ocean City.”

That means you, Senior Week-ers.

Of course, Knight understands that the First Amendment prohibits the signs from being enforceable.

Instead, they would be more of a “general reminder that we really appreciate being civil in Ocean City,” she says.

If the rest of the council approves of the signs, she hopes they will communicate to visitors that “Ocean City cares about everybody.”

The city council will likely vote on the proposal in the coming weeks.


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