by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – In a recent appearance on FOX Sports1’s “Keepin’ it Real with Mike Hill,” DeAngelo Hall was asked to give comment on the Redskins name debate; to which Hall responded, the team “probably should” change their name.

In fairness to Hall, he really hemmed and hawed his way through his response, and it wasn’t until Hill prodded him with “but they should,” that Hall finally relinquished a clear response.

Here’s their conversation [sic]:

Hill: Skins name change or not?

DHall: I think eventually they will change it.

Hill: Should they change it?

DHall: See, I’m.

Hill: Keep it real.

DHall: Gosh man, Mike.

Hill: But they should.

DHall: They probably should, but they won’t. They won’t for awhile at least.

Oneida Indian Nation has since come out in praise of Hall for becoming “the first current Washington player to state the obvious.”