by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Sometimes the entertainment industry drives you to do dangerous things, like harmful to your body things, for the enjoyment of others.

We’ve all seen A Christmas Story, when the kid licks a flagpole and his tongue gets stuck.

Well the Polar Vortex, which has brought record-breaking freezing temperatures into the D.C. area, has drawn interest in determining just how cold it is, with real, tangible results.

So Junkies’ producer Matt Valdez decided to lick the flagpole in front of the radio station at 106.7 The Fan.

“Valdez showed up this morning in shorts, well actually a bathing suit, and a Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, flip flops – the whole deal, and we planned  this segment where he was just gonna go out in the cold and kind of interact with people,” JP explained the genesis of the bit Tuesday morning. “Then to be honest, we kind of forgot about it. Lurch said, I don’t know about a half hour ago, he’s like ‘Valdez is kind of crushed because we’re not even maximizing the segment.’”

One thing I have to say before we move forward: Matt, or Hat as he likes to be called when he’s wearing the Panama Jack-styled hat (as you’ll see below), deserves major props for committing to the bit. It takes a lot of huevos to stick your tongue to a pole in subzero temps.

(I can’t believe he did it. I seriously can’t believe it.)

So here’s how it worked out….

Matt licks pole. (Credit: @ewadd1067)

Matt licks pole. (Credit: @ewadd1067)

Matt's tongue gets stuck to pole. Credit: @ewadd1067)

Matt’s tongue gets stuck to pole, as expected. (Credit: @ewadd1067)

Matt's tongue bleeing after ripping it from pole. (Credit: @ewadd1067)

Matt’s tongue bleeding after ripping it from pole. (Credit: @ewadd1067)

The Junkies laughing at Matt's misery. (Credit: @ewadd1067)

The Junkies laughing at Matt’s misery. (Credit: @ewadd1067)

Video to come later….


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