WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — First Lady Michelle Obama is turning to fellow American mothers to support her husband’s embattled signature health care law as the holiday season goes into full-swing.

In a special op-ed for the parenting website, Babble, Mrs. Obama details the story of how their daughter Sasha was able to receive emergency medical attention years ago because the family was lucky enough to be supported by their own health insurance. She empathized with families who are not as fortunate as them, and who pay “outrageous rates” due to pre-existing conditions and other serious illnesses.

“Week after week, my husband and I hear from mothers whose children have serious illnesses, or whose babies were born prematurely, requiring months or years of special care,” she writes in the op-ed featured on Babble. “As a result, these kids have blown through their lifetime caps by the time they reach elementary school.”

She stressed that under the Affordable Care Act children can now remain on their parents’ health care plans until they are 26, and that many uninsured Americans will be able to get coverage for less than $100 per person, per month.

“For decades, these kinds of coverage caps and this kind of discrimination were perfectly legal, so many parents were terrified of losing or leaving their jobs because they knew they would be unable to afford insurance for their families.”

The special op-ed for the Disney-backed website comes as the Obamas will meet with a group of mothers at the White House Wednesday afternoon “to discuss how health care reform could benefit their families.”

“They will discuss the critical role moms are playing in helping their families access quality, affordable health care by encouraging their adult children, family members and peers to sign up for coverage,” according to the White House schedule.

The White House says that many of the mothers in attendance are leading “outreach efforts” to friends and neighbors in their respective communities.

“Women are often the health care decision makers for their families and are a key demographic for the ongoing effort to ensure consumers know about the new health benefits available to them under the ACA.”

The first lady assured Babble readers that the Affordable Care Act is a form of security for parents to protect their children from unforeseen life events.

“As a mother, I can’t think of a better gift this holiday season.”


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