by Chuck CarrollBy Chuck Carroll

Hell has frozen over and Cakes has coin-flipped his way to a late-season victory in the Junkies weekly NFL pick ’em contest. The currently vacationing broadcaster correctly flipped — not picked — nine games this week, besting JP Flaim and Eric Bickel by one game and Lurch by a pair.

Cakes’ coin correctly forecasted the Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers would win. In addition, the coin said the Minnesota Vikings would upset the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers would down the Dallas Cowboys. The coin was on the only Packer-backer this week.

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In the grand scheme of the season, JP maintains a lead of seven games with just two weeks remaining this season. Second-place EB has 32 games left on the NFL schedule to makeup the ground.

Lurch, meanwhile, is well back in third place and trails the leader by 19 games. Do you believe in miracles? Not in the this case.

As for the Week 15 winner Cakes, he’s mathematically eliminated from winning the season despite this week’s victory. Chalk that up to the sub-.500 blues. Perhaps he and his trusty coin will be able to carry momentum into the postseason where the slate will be wiped clean.

Season Standings

JP: 144-78
EB: 137-85
Lurch: 125-97
Cakes: 105-117

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