WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Are congressional lawmakers less ethical than used car salesmen? According to one poll they are.

A recent Gallup poll finds that only 8 percent of Americans believe that members of Congress are honest and ethical. Car salespeople come in at 9 percent, state officeholders and advertising practitioners each at 14 percent and TV reports and lawyers at 20 percent.

The one silver lining lawmakers have is that they are not lobbyists. Only 6 percent of Americans viewed them as honest and ethical.

“Politicians — especially those working for the federal government — remain in low esteem, mirroring a commonly held distrust of the federal government that has developed in the U.S. in the past 40 to 50 years,” Gallup stated.

Americans have been weary of the federal government recently following the 16-day shutdown and the plagued Obamacare rollout.

On the top of the list were nurses at 82 percent, followed by pharmacists and grade school teachers at 70 percent and medical doctors and military officers at 69 percent.

Gallup conducted interviews with 1,031 adults between Dec. 5-8 for the poll.