by Chris Lingebach

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford joined the Junkies Thursday to make his weekly picks, and had wide-ranging thoughts on Mike Shanahan’s decision to bench RGIII for the remainder of the season.

The mayor’s an avid NFL watcher and Redskins fan, and was disheartened by Washington’s dreadful performance in getting blown out 45-10 by the Chiefs at home last Sunday.

“It’s just a mess down here in Washington,” Jason Bishop said. “I know you’ve been keeping up with Shanny and Robert and Dan Snyder and all this nonsense, but Washington’s making the quarterback change going into Atlanta, who only has three wins. We have a six-point number here, Atlanta laying six. What do you like?”

“Washington just looked absolutely brutal last week so give me Atlanta,” Ford said Thursday.

“You like Atlanta laying the six,” Bishop noted.

“We’re actually going the other way and taking the points,” JP Flaim said.

“We’re taking Washington,” Bishop agreed.

“By the way Mayor, what do you think of what’s going on here? Did you watch any of the Shanny presser,” Eric Bickel asked.

“Oh yea, I saw what’s going on,” Ford said. “It’s a little chaotic if you ask me but every team has its time and their turmoil, and they’ll get through it.”

“And if he’s saying something’s chaotic EB, trust me, it’s chaotic,” John Auville laughed.

The mayor, who noted in his appearance last week that RGIII has looked injured all season, acknowledges it’s the right decision to sit him down for the year, solely in the interest of preserving him long-term.

“Do you agree with the idea of benching and shutting down RGIII to protect him for next year,” EB asked.

“Well RGIII, he’s injured,” Ford repeated. “Like I said last week, guys, his knee is bad. And it even looked worse last week. And if you keep playing this kid, you’re gonna lose him. You know what? You gotta either think now, or think in the future. And I personally think, yea, we should be sitting him. Find out what’s wrong with his knee, get it fixed and let him play, or else he’s gonna ruin his career, so it’s something that has to be done.”

On if the Redskins should bring back Shanahan:

“All depends,” Ford said. “You know what? Shanahan’s a good coach. He’s proven he can win, but who else is there to replace him? You gotta look at your alternatives. You just can’t say ‘see ya later’ and you might be bringing in someone worse. But if the players can’t play for him, then you have to go. So it’s something that, it’s an ownership decision, I understand, but it’s really the players. And you talk to the players and the players come up and say to the owner ‘We just can’t play for him,’ then you have to go. But, it’s really inside baseball. I’ve been there. I’ve coached, so it’s really, it’s a tough call to make.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Ford was on to make his weekly NFL picks as he did last week.

Below are Ford’s NFL Week 15 picks:

    • Denver (-10.5)
    • Atlanta (-6)
    • Chicago (+1)
    • Indy (+6)
    • Miami (+3)
    • Philly (-5)
    • Seattle (-7)
    • Tampa (+5.5)
    • Buffalo (-2)
    • KC (-5)
    • NYJ (+11)
    • Green Bay (+7)
    • Arizona (-3)
    • Stl (+6)
    • Pitt (+3)
    • Balt (+6)


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