WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – A new study has found that a huge number of mobile phone applications can put a user’s privacy and security at risk.

In the HP study, 97 percent of the apps they studied were found to have some sort of privacy issues.  Furthermore, 86 percent of the apps lack basic security defenses, and 75 percent fail to properly encrypt data.

The study focused primarily on custom business apps, however the problems could also extend to commercial apps that are found in the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Most apps request permission to data or information to perform functions they shouldn’t.

HP examined more than 2,000 mobile apps from over 600 companies.

According to PC World, the lack of security is a function of lazy coding in that developers write apps that access everything because it’s easier than writing more specific code.

In recent years, apps have improved by notifying users in terms of requesting permission to access their phones but too much information is still at risk of falling into the wrong hands.


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