WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Rob Ford stated his case for re-election as mayor of Toronto, in an interview with The Junkies on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

Ford, who’s come under a world of scrutiny for allegations of drug abuse, a messy extortion scandal, and a general unabashed lack of care for his public image – which has resulted in having his power as mayor stripped – is still eligible to seek a second consecutive term, come Oct. 27, 2014.

“Mayor Ford, we obviously don’t follow the inter-city politics of Toronto,” Junkies’ host Jason Bishop stated. “And you said the re-election’s coming up when, now?”

“October 27,” Ford said.

Ford was then given the opportunity to state his case for re-election, by explaining what he’s done for the city of Toronto.

“You have to defend yourself here,” Bishop said.

“Well I’ve saved half-billion dollars in four years,” Ford said. “We had a car tax up here that’s $60. We got rid of the $60 car tax. I privatized garbage. We haven’t had a union strike. We used to have union strikes every year. I’ve got labor peace in the city finally for four years. I’ve got a subway built. I’ve done more than any mayor in Toronto’s history has.

“We have property taxes lower than any North American city, for our size; we’re about three million people. Zero percent. Two percent. Two-and-a-half percent, and I’m fighting for one-and-three-quarter percent in this budget coming up. And I watch every penny and return every phone call, and I go out and meet the people, and that’s why I should be re-elected, because I watch taxpayers’ money.”

“Do you feel like you have the support of the people,” Bishop asked.

“Absolutely,” Ford said adamantly.

“No question, even with all the controversy,” Bishop pushed.

“You know what, talk’s cheap,” Ford said. “Actions speaks louder than words. October 27, you know, there’s gonna be a lot of people running, I just can’t wait to get at it. My record will speak for itself.”

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