by Chris LingebachBy Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Be prepared.

Newest National Doug Fister is about to melt the heart of every female D.C. sports fan, and leave every male green with envy.

Fister made his D.C. sports radio debut on Wednesday, calling into 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny.

We already knew a little about the player GM Mike Rizzo dubbed “a workhorse,” but now we have a better idea of who he is as a person.

So what exactly did we learn?

He’s rugged; a real man’s man.

“I’m actually at home right now,” Fister said. “I’m remodeling my bathroom. So I’m kind of in between some of the plumbing right now.”

“So what kind of upgrades you doing in your bathroom, like heated tiles, new toilet, what do you got,” Holden asked.

“I ripped it up down to studs and have started putting things back in, just put some granite up in the shower and new tub, new toilet, new everything,” Fister said.

“Hold on, are you doing this yourself, or did you hire people to do this,” Holden asked.

“I’m doing it all myself except the granite,” Fister said. “I’ve got a good friend of mine that’s helping me, so he came over to help me out, and other than that, I’m pretty much doing it by myself.”

He’s an upstanding citizen.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to play baseball but you always have to have a backup plan, going to school and everything else,” he said. “I went to school to be a schoolteacher, but I would always love to do the police side of things. My uncle was a police officer who just retired a couple years ago, my aunt, my grandfather, there’s a long line of law enforcement in my family, so it’s something that I would definitely look into.”

He’s an intelligent pitcher.

“My goal is to go out there, first three pitches, get bat contact,” Fister said. “It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter who fields it, it’s something that – I want to conserve as many pitches as I can so I’m going out there to induce contact. That’s my biggest goal. When I get over there and start talking to catchers, that’s what we’re gonna focus on, and so, that’s the number one goal from day one.”

He stays in-shape in the offseason while being generous to his girlfriend with his time, all at the same time.

“She’s actually coaching water polo and swimming, so she’s a high school teacher and she teaches there,” Fister informed.

“Water polo? Have you ever tried playing water polo,” Holden asked.

“I have,” Fister laughed. “In the offseason, it is exhausting, when I come home, she’s still in-season so I get to jump in with the girls and be able to play goalie for them. So I don’t have to swim a ton, but I’m sitting there drowning myself, so, it’s a good workout for me, and it’s kind of fun to get in the pool and try something different.”

He’s even a hopeless romantic.

“Where’d you meet your girlfriend, Doug,” Fister was asked.

“Back in the sixth grade, so we’ve known each other for a long time,” he answered.

And if Doug Fister wasn’t already perfect enough, he’s an animal lover, to boot.

“I also went through your Twitter,” Holden said. “You’re a dog guy, is this correct? You got some dogs?”

“I’m an animal guy,” Fister said. “I love cats, dogs, whatever, and so I’ve got two Great Danes, a couple cats, pretty much an animal rescue here.”

Good luck topping that, anyone.


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