by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Wizards’ head coach Randy Wittman remains optimistic that he’ll see Bradley Beal and rookie Otto Porter in the Wizards’ lineup within the week.

Beal, who’s missed five games with a stress injury in his leg, appears to be healing well, Wittman told 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny.

“Hopefully in another week we get Bradley back, and Martell [Webster] can go back to coming off the bench, and he solidifies helping them with his ability to score off the bench,” Wittman said on Wednesday.

Later asked to clarify Beal’s status, Wittman said, “Everything is going good.”

“He’s feeling better and better each day, and, you know, I’m an optimistic guy,” he added. “So I think as long as you see those things and it’s not ‘Nah, it’s staying the same way, I feel the same,’ you know, each day he says he feels better. I think in another week the doctors will take another look at it and see where we’re at, so I’m hopeful he’ll be back sooner rather than later.”

Wittman’s also hopeful Porter – who’s not seen the floor once in his rookie season, and who Wittman said of in October,  he feels like he doesn’t even know – can finally make his NBA debut in the next week as well.

“Let’s hope we can get Otto now here in the next week, available to start playing,” Wittman said of Porter, who’s been battling a hip flexor suffered prior to the season-opener.

“He’s missed some really valuable time,” Wittman said, “Especially as a rookie, he hasn’t stepped on the floor yet to have any understanding what an NBA game, speed, quickness, strength, size that these guys are yet. So hopefully he’s getting closer to being able to get out on the floor and that will help, having another guy I think from a bench standpoint, that we all think who Otto can be will help.”

“What do you need to see from Otto to get him on the floor,” Holden asked.

“Well, hey, I’m gonna throw him out there,” Wittman said. “I don’t have a lot of time from a standpoint of practice. You know we go through a stretch like we just went through; we didn’t have hardly any practice time. I’m gonna have to put him out there and then monitor how he’s doing, and he’ll kind of view it that way, so he’s gonna get his opportunity.”


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