by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A new video that surfaced on KDKA in Pittsburgh on Monday showed near indisputable evidence that Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin intentionally impeded Ravens’ return man Jacoby Jones along the sideline as Jones was breaking away from defenders on the way to the end zone.

The brief extra stutter-step Jones had to add to his return to avoid Tomlin was enough to allow him to be caught at the 27-yard line.

Multiple angles, including one which shows Tomlin apparently locking eyes with Jones as he passed by him, just before removing his foot from the field of play, build an insurmountable case that Tomlin was trying to prevent Jones from scoring a potentially game-changing touchdown in a game the Ravens would go on to win, 22-20.

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported Sunday that Tomlin could be facing a six-figure fine once the NFL completes its review, and posited whether the league would consider docking the Steelers a draft pick to send a message.

All this, and still three of the four Junkies genuinely don’t believe Tomlin intentionally committed the infraction.

I supposed you could take Tomlin at his word.

“I always watch the returns on the Jumbotron,” Tomlin told reporters immediately following the game. “It provides a better perspective for me. I lost my placement as he broke free. I saw it at the last second and saw how close I was on the field of play.”

Low and behold it was actually Junkies’ video producer Ewadd who joined JP in bringing reason into a conversation that was otherwise lacking it, in a conversation dissecting the tape on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday.

“If you look at the video, he steps into the field of play intentionally,” Ewadd told the Junkies. “Like he was already looking at the Jumbotron, why would he need to get a foot closer to the right to get a better angle? And your guys’ reasoning is that ‘Well Mike Tomlin’s a good guy.’ Well you don’t know a damn thing about Mike Tomlin.”

“I don’t believe he’d risk his career for that,” EB said.

“I just think it’s a huge risk,” Lurch said.

“But he’s not thinking about that,” JP said. “In the moment, in a split second, okay, so clearly he’s looking at the Jumbotron, so Jacoby Jones all of a sudden takes off to the left [toward Tomlin], now he’s watching the Jumbotron, now he’s within twenty yards. Now in that split second, he’s not thinking, ‘Let me think, I’m on the Competition Committee, let me weight my career.’ He just might think, ‘Let me try to do something a little slick.’ I wouldn’t put it past him. We’ll never know. We can’t go inside his head.”

“No, we’re never gonna know. You’re right. It’s just our opinion.

And then Cakes, in typical Cakes-box fashion, jumps back in oblivious to everything that was just said.

“I think it’s preposterous to think that he would risk his livelihood.

“He’s not thinking about that in the moment!” JP shouted defiantly.

Here’s the video (via KDKA). Are Lurch, Cakes and EB just completely insane? Or are JP and Ewadd not giving Tomlin enough benefit of the doubt?


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