WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — A majority of Americans are happy with their current health care plan.

A new Gallup poll finds that 69 percent of Americans rate their personal coverage as excellent or good, but only 32 percent say the same about health care coverage in the country.

“Americans’ ratings of their own healthcare coverage have remained remarkably steady over the past decade — and always much higher than their ratings of the nation’s coverage,” the poll states.

Fifty-nine percent of those polled said they are generally satisfied with what they pay for their own health care coverage, while only 24 percent are satisfied with the cost of health insurance more generally across the U.S.

Only 21 percent of Americans believe the U.S. health care system is in a “state of crisis,” though 52 percent of those polled believe there are major problems with it.

“Americans remain generally positive about the quality of health care they personally receive, their health care coverage, and what they pay for health care,” Gallup noted. “They are significantly less positive about these health care issues for the nation as a whole. This disparity in perceptions of how things are going personally vs. nationally is not unusual for various social and mood issues, but highlights that the current efforts to reform health care are taking place even as the majority of Americans give their own health care relatively high ratings.”

President Barack Obama recently apologized for the millions of Americans who are losing their current health plans due to the Affordable Care Act and for the disastrous rollout due to the technically-plagued HealthCare.gov website. Obama has called on states to allow consumers to be allowed to keep their canceled health plans.

A CBS News analysis found that nearly 5 million Americans would lose their current health plans due to Obamacare.

Just over 106,000 Americans were able to enroll in Obamacare in the first month.