Washington, D.C.’s local food scene has exploded with options over the past few years. More than just having restaurants committed to sourcing local, organic foods, there’s been a surge in the local grocers carrying local, organic products from nearby farms. Here are a few options.

photo 5 1 Local Markets To Buy Organic Food In Washington DC

(Credit, Jamie Hardin)

Each Peach Market

Each Peach Market is a local food market in the quaint neighborhood of Mount Pleasant. Focusing on all things high quality and local, Washingtonians can purchase fresh products like dairy, local, organic produce, baked goods, meats, dry goods, pantry items, prepared foods and beer and wine. It’s the perfect place to stop in for delicious, sustainable ingredients to make an amazing meal.

photo 1 1 Local Markets To Buy Organic Food In Washington DC

Credit, Jamie Hardin)

Glen’s Garden Market

A little north of Dupont Circle is a local, organic grocer called Glen’s Garden Market. Focusing on all things local, meaning in the Chesapeake delta area, Washingtonians can find the best produce, local beer and wine, prepared goods, meats, cheeses, coffee, etc. Most items are organic even if they aren’t certified. Grab one of the delicious sandwiches and a draught beer at the bar area. Like what you taste? You can take a growler home. Or try one of the local wines by the sip or glass. 

MOM’s Organic Market

With the word “organic” in the title, MOM’s Organic Market offers the best selection of organic foods in the DC area. For those that prefer organic, you can rest assured that MOM’s offers the same commitment to sustainability as you. While not everything may be local, it does offer a wide selection of local products. Best of all is that if you’re hungry, there’s the Naked Lunch, which offers salads, bowls, soups, sandwiches and juices to tide you over or for a quick and easy meal for the family. Everything prepared at the Naked Lunch is vegetarian or vegan upon request.

Seasonal Pantry

Open Thursday through Saturday in the Shaw area, Seasonal Pantry focuses on sustainability by supplying Washingtonians with the freshest local ingredients, as well as canned and jarred goods. This spot offers pasta both fresh and dried for those that love that homemade taste. For a tasty treat, try the Supper Club, which offers a dinner for up to 12 guests right in the middle of the market. The chef will prepare a mostly locally sourced dinner for guests.

Yes! Organic Market

Yes! Organic Market in Petworth is one of the largest markets of the local Yes! chain. Offering both conventional and organic products, all produce is labeled so that you’ll know whether it’s been treated with pesticides or not. Yes! carries a large selection of produce from fruits to mushrooms and everything in between. Its store offers organic beauty products, wine, beer, meats, cheeses and everything you would want out of a grocer. It even offers growlers so you can take home beer on tap.

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Jamie Hardin is the counter-culture
Washingtonian in the know. Inspired by food, sustainability issues, and public health, she prides herself on finding DC’s off-the-beaten path treasures. When she isnt enjoying organic food or reducing her carbon footprint, Jamie’s traveling on her scooter or walking her two pit bulls. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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