by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Already six games through the season, the Wizards have yet to see how 3rd overall pick Otto Porter will fit into the offense.

Two weeks ago head coach Randy Wittman told the Junks Porter’s been around the team so little, he wasn’t even aware of who he was.

Porter has been sidelined his entire rookie season so far, and was for all of preseason, with a nagging hip flexor injury that just won’t heal, and while there’s still no timetable for his return, his college basketball coach, John Thompson III, says it’s Washington’s training staff holding Porter back, not Porter himself.

Thompson told the Junkies Tuesday morning he still converses with the former Georgetown standout frequently, and says he’s going “batty” waiting for the team to clear him to play.

“I’ve already forgotten if he’s any good or not,” EB told JTIII. “I mean, he’s just out of sight, out of mind. I’ve forgotten. Is he ever gonna play?”

“I’m gonna tell you this, once he gets healthy he will remind you,” Thompson III said. “You will remember real quick. He’s hurt. He’s got a hip injury. It’s unfortunate. He slipped on a wet spot, and I don’t’ want to get into the medical terms because I will mess it up trying to tell you, but he hurt his hip.

“And I think he will be back soon, I do talk to him pretty regularly. He is as frustrated as you, because, you know, it’s a rookie, this is valuable time, you know, he missed basically the whole summer league and now the whole preseason and start of season with the injury. He’s going batty and stir-crazy.”

“Is it a muscle thing, like what the hell is it?” EB asked.

“I’m gonna say yes, but I’m not exactly sure,” Thompson answered. “I forget the word that it’s called, but he’s got a bad hip right now.”

“Hip pointer, I believe,” Cakes said.

“No, it’s not a pointer,” JTIII said, still trying to find it. “It’s not a pointer.”

“Is it like a strained hip flexor or something?” Lurch asked.

“Let’s live with that, that sounds good,” JTIII said.

“Coach, has he given you a timeframe when he thinks he’ll be back?” EB asked.

“I mean, if it were up to him, I think he’d be out there right now,” Thompson said. “It’s the medical staff and the trainers saying ‘No, you can’t get out there.’”

Thompson also talked about the Redskins’ playoff-potential, and requested a weekly segment to talk about his favorite football team.


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