Chicago, Ill. (CBS DC) — An editorial from the Chicago Tribune blasts Obamacare as a “national punch line” and questions whether President Barack Obama had to “flat-out lie” to push the legislation.

An editorial from the Tribune Company’s flagship Chicago paper – which twice endorsed Obama for president from his adopted hometown – is ridiculing the implementation of the health care law, and calling into question his personal credibility.

The Sunday editorial, titled “Truth, consequences and Obamacare” moves beyond the technology glitches that have plagued the health exchange rollouts, and announces that “the American public is having a credibility-shattering debate” of whether or not the president himself learned the details of the bill before stating that the millions of Americans would not lose their insurance or doctors.

Or, as the Tribune asks, “[D]id he know the truth and flat-out lie?”

The editorial goes on to suggest that many young and healthy Americans – deemed essential to balance out the costs for older, sick Americans to avoid a cost “death spiral” – may not sign up for the health care exchanges. It lists a technological inability as well as those with “modest incomes” not having the money because they won’t qualify for government subsidies.

Obama doesn’t need to make an apology to those losing their insurance, the editorial argues, but rather needs to let the American people know that “their health coverage isn’t in jeopardy.”

Obama did apologize, though, in an interview with NBC News last week for previously pledging no Americans would lose their current health plans under the law.

The editorial suggests one step that the Obama administration should take for the political and restructuring of the law: “Accept that government doesn’t know what’s best for everyone.”

And while the editorial suggests the Republicans should be “constructive” and offer an alternative to Obamacare, Democrats are cautioned from making mistakes after encroaching on a free marketplace “without anything close to a public consensus” in the first place.


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