WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Former MSBBC host Dylan Ratigan is the latest to join those who are not pleased with President Barack Obama and the new health policy.

Thursday Ratigan tweeted “Thnx Mr. President,” after discovering the new health plan he purchased on the individual market was being cancelled.  The new plan he was eligible for would cost him 3-5 times more than the one cancelled.

“I bought a catastrophic health policy for $170/mo when I left MSNBC,” Ratigan confessed. “Obamacare cancelled the policy. New rate $600/mo. Thnx Mr. President!”

Affordable Care Act supporters began tweeting Ratigan sighting why he should be happy the previous plan was cancelled.  He began to debate his followers who were in favor of his policy being eliminated.

Ratigan is a New York Times best-selling author and left his position at MSNBC to begin hydroponic farming.  He also has been working with military veterans.


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