WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Former Vice-President Al Gore said Tuesday that whistleblower Edward Snowden has leaked information regarding massive secret government surveillance programs that “appears to be crimes against the Constitution.”

Gore explained his views on the controversial situation while speaking at McGill University in Canada.  He said that he was in favor of surveillance to ensure security and safety, but the efforts that were made public by Snowden were “outrageous” and “completely unacceptable.”

“I say that as someone who was a member of the National Security Council working in the White House and getting daily briefings from the CIA,” Gore stated.

The U.S. government has charged Snowden with  unauthorized communication of classified material and theft of government property under the Espionage Act.  He is wanted for revealing the National Security Agency’s (NSA) widespread intelligence gathering effort in which the organization was eavesdropping on telephone calls and combing through internet records to uncover terrorist plots.

“He has revealed evidence of what appears to be crimes against the Constitution of the United States,” Gore said.

Gore was shocked about the revelations that Snowden revealed.  He explained that the efforts have gone to “absurd” lengths and are counter-productive.

“When you are looking for a needle in a haystack, it’s not always wise to pile more hay on the haystack,” Gore stated quoting a scholar on the CIA.

Gore went on to say that he thinks that lawmakers will rein in on the surveillance tactics and will have to “pull this back.”