WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Twitter is coming under fire from conservative groups for reportedly putting the brakes on an account of people showing their health insurance cancellation letters, according to the Daily Mail.

It’s part of a website mycancellation.com, which allows people who lose their insurance plans to post pictures of their letters online.

But its twitter feed has been suspended three times, co-creator Victoria Coley told the Daily Caller.

Heather Higgins, president of the conservative Independent Women’s Forum, says she thinks Twitter’s actions are politically motivated.

“Since we haven’t abused any of Twitter’s (seemingly quite subjective) standards,” Higgins wrote on Ricochet.com, “either someone at Twitter objects to the real cost of these “liked insurance I wanted to keep” cancellations being given a human face, or there is an organized campaign by Obamacare-reality-deniers to spam Twitter with false claims of abuse.”

Twitter didn’t respond to a Daily Mail request for comment about why @mycancellation has been shut down.


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