by Chuck CarrollBy Chuck Carroll

Don’t look now, but “Goldflipper” could make up some ground in the Junkies NFL Pick ‘Em standings.

John “Cakes” Auville’s coin flip method proved to be money in Week 9. The fickle flip of fate correctly prognosticated 8 games on the docket — good enough to tie for first place this week with overall season leader John-Paul Flaim.

The week could get even better for “Goldflipper” if the Chicago Bears can pull off an upset against the Green Bay Packers tonight on the road. Cakes (or his coin) is the only one picking Jay Cutler and crew to win. Regardless, it’s a heck of a turnaround from last week’s 5-8 record in which he fell below .500 for the year.

With Monday Night Football still to play, Eric Bickel and Jason Bishop are one game behind in the weekly standings, each having posted a 7-5 record. Picking the San Diego Chargers to beat the Washington Redskins proved costly for Bickel, who now drops 3 games behind Flaim for the season lead.

Check out all of their picks.

Week 9 Standings

JP: 8-4
Cakes: 8-4
EB: 7-5
Lurch 7-5

Season Standings

JP: 88-43
EB: 85-46
Lurch: 75-56
Cakes: 66-65


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