by Chuck CarrollBy Chuck Carroll

It seems every Monday after the Washington Redskins pull out a win area fans would have you believe the team is Super Bowl bound. Today is no exception.

Less than 24 hours removed from Washington’s edging of the San Diego Chargers in overtime, an optimistic Eric Bickle put on his rose-colored glasses to look at the second half of season for the Redskins.

EB isn’t ready to say Mike Shanahan and RGIII will be representing the NFC in New York on Feb. 2, 2014, but he does feel the team has only two “guaranteed losses” remaining on the schedule.

“I don’t believe they’re great at all. I think we’re a 3-5 football team,” Bickel began Monday on the Junkies. “But I also think there’s only two guaranteed losers the rest of the way — San Fran and you have to say Kansas City even though (the game) is here.”

“I’m not giving them wins over the others. That’s not saying they’re going to win those games. That’s just saying right now I would chalk up guaranteed two more losses.”

Now, here is optimistic EB examining the remainder of the schedule.

at Minnesota Vikings

“Optimistic EB says we beat a 1-7 team. I don’t think it’s a given. We could easily lose.”

Optimistically, the Redskins would improve to 4-5.

at Philadelphia Eagles

“Then we have at Philly… they are reeling.”

This gem comes a day after Nick Foles had seven touchdown passes in the Eagles route of the Oakland Raiders.

Saying Foles won’t have so many touchdowns each week, EB added: “I don’t think they’re that good.”

Optimistically, the Redskins would improve to 5-5.

San Francisco 49ers

“San Fran … loser.”

Realistically, the Redskins would drop to 5-6.

New York Giants

“My body language is that’s a winnable football game.”

Optimistically, the Redskins would improve to 6-6.

Kansas City Chiefs

“Kansas City … loser. They’re 9-0, what are you going to say?”

Realistically, the Redskins would drop to 6-7.

at Atlanta Falcons

“They got nothing. We should beat them. They have no weapons. Who are they going to throw to? I actually think they’re not very good.”

Optimistically, the Redskins would improve to 7-7.

Dallas Cowboys and at New York Giants

EB lumped these two together.

“I’m just saying, they are winnable. I gave you that they are winnable.”

Optimistically, the Redskins would finish the season 9-7.

And pumping the breaks to wrap up rosy second half outlook, a realistic EB said this: “We could finish 3-13 because we’re not great at all. Every game is a war… Put it this way, we have two guaranteed losers in my opinion. We have zero guaranteed wins.”

Audio: Optimistic EB Looks At Redskins Remaining Games


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