by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Shortly after writing that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has transitioned from the kid with the unbeatable combination of modesty and limitlessness, into an unteachable know-it-all, Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins clarified that that’s just how he’s coming off at the moment.

In her latest column – entitled: “Robert Griffin III isn’t getting better; does he realize he needs to?” – Jenkins wrote:

Robert Griffin III used to be his team’s most uplifting player, but he is becoming a weight, maybe even a burden. Where is that fresh kid with the unbeatable combination of modesty and limitlessness? In his place is an unteachable know-it-all. The guy has played just 22 games, and into that time he has packed a few random stabs at semi-greatness, followed by a lot of unseemly power machinations, and drivel about being a leader, without yet mastering his craft.

A second-year quarterback with the owner on speed dial is calling all the shots for the Washington football club, and what they’ve got to show for it is a 2-5 mark, and a strong whiff of locker room discontent. This is a team with many problems, of which Griffin is only one — defense, special teams, coaching, chemistry, all of it is to blame. But there is no looking away from the fact Griffin’s poor play has been critical, and more than that, he has created fundamental tension on an offense that is disjointed from catering to him and his operatic personal demands about how he wants to play.

Jenkins clarified her comments shortly after publishing the column, in an interview with Lavar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan on Thursday.

“That’s unfortunately very much what he has projected here in the last few weeks,” Jenkins said. “From the offseason, going forward, again, you know if he hadn’t pulled that stuff in the offseason, I wouldn’t have felt empowered to write that phrase to tell you the truth. Now, I don’t think he’s an unteachable know-it-all. I think obviously he’s extremely bright, maybe even brilliant, my only question is, is he as receptive as he was last year?

“That’s the question, and that’s what I mean. He’s coming off as someone who’s less than receptive to teaching. I don’t think that that is who he is, and will remain, I don’t think that’s his future, I don’t think it’s a permanent label, I’m just saying that’s what he’s coming off as at the moment, and he’s got a little work to do on limiting that, but he can take care of that in the space of the next month.”

Jenkins was also asked to respond to Pierre Garçon’s comments, which caused friction within the Redskins locker room – most notably with Santana Moss – in which Garçon said of the team’s offense, “If you suck at passing, you suck at passing … We’ve just got to figure it out.”

“I mean the interesting about Pierre Garçon is, he hasn’t done anything that Robert Griffin himself didn’t do in the offseason,” Jenkins said. “So when Santana Moss calls Garçon out for airing something publicly, well, that’s a good point, I think he’s probably absolutely right about that as far as locker room ethic and dynamics go, but let’s face it, your star quarterback started all of that back in the summer time, didn’t he?”


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