LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — If you can’t stop or won’t stop twerking (we’re looking at you, Miley), Annapolis High School will kick you out of the dance.

A dance contract the school is sending home with students ahead of its homecoming dance prohibits “grinding,” intimate touching, and dancing with your buttocks touching a partner or in the air.

If the contract is not signed, the student cannot attend the dance. If it’s violated, the student will be removed from the event.

While the concept of a contract is not necessarily new, this year’s is more specific and must be signed by parents as well as students, school officials and students tell WJZ.

Bob Mosier, an Anne Arundel County Public Schools spokesman, says there have been problems with provocative dancing at some schools.

Nine of 12 high schools in the county have dance contracts, though not all require parent signatures, according to WJZ. Guidelines are left up to the individual principals.

One student tells WJZ that since “twerking” has become a more well-known trend, more attention is being paid to provocative dancing among young people in general.

Video courtesy of WJZ-TV


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