By Pete Medhurst

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The announcement by Cleveland that Jason Campbell will start for the Browns Sunday means Brandon Weeden has been benched again. Sam Bradford is hurt, but mediocre in St. Louis.

The great Texas Tech Quarterbacks that Mike Leach coached can’t even get on a roster. Texas Quarterback Colt McCoy was average at best. Josh Freeman? Did anyone see that Monday night debacle?

How about Blaine Gabbert who was completely mesmerized by Navy in the Texas Bowl when the Mids lined up with two defensive lineman? Was Geno Smith in the Big 12 long enough to count? Andy Dalton played for TCU when it was in the Mountain West and doesn’t count.

Guess who is the only guy to have a piece of success? Yep, Robert Griffin III from Baylor. How does he not become part of Big-12 failure? Clearly his mobility is a difference maker that others don’t have. Ryan Tannehill has a chance if the line doesn’t get him destroyed first.

Spread offenses in college are giving us false impressions on guys, unless, you really watch tape. Some of these guys pass the measurable test at the combine, but, deeper looks inside the tape, show guys throwing shorter route trees, sideways passes, and wide outs with great speed who just run away from college corner backs.

Griffin’s success should bode well for Johnny Manziel, a slightly smaller guy, but one who has ability to throw the ball and of course run. Great news for Manziel is A&M is no longer in the Big 12!

Sports Shorts: Jackson State is in dreamland. A year ago they populated Mississippi media with a thought the state would pony up 75 million to build a domed stadium. Now, they want to potentially sue Grambling and others for quote “Millions” of dollars for the game not played last week. Having broadcasted HBC football for two years, it is sad to see this be the focal point of two institutions who we’re huge in the days when HBC football was the only way African-American athletes could play sports and get educated.

However, as the world of college sports has changed, these institutions have not. Small scale thinking, lack of improvement for facilities and now the fact that most budgets are made by basketball teams playing 10-12 games per year against BCS size schools to earn money for their budget is not conducive for a student-athlete in any way.

Leadership at these institutions needs to be refreshed with young talented thinkers who know that the calendar reads 2013 and finds ways to reach the great alumni each school brags about, gets visible African-American leaders to help support the overall mission of the institution which is to educate. Stories like these will only push alumni away because of embarrassment. Time for new thinking.

Did you know 21,756 people attended the game in Jackson two years ago? If every one of those people bought the highest priced ticket at $50.50 that gets to just barely a million-dollars. These schools routinely get routed in FCS playoffs, and it’s not because of lack of talent, it’s lack of leadership in many athletic departments. There is no big TV contract coming for these schools, perhaps they missed a chance year ago, to try and partner with BET and come up with a network for athletic events which would have spurned businesses who want to invest in minority based events to participate and help these schools involved. I don’t disagree, JSU shouldn’t get some compensation, but, when the band stops playing, who has the money to pay the bill?

Equip these student-athletes to be just that. I can only imagine what a Gary Harrell, the coach at Howard University could do with a program with great support and facilities to match. He beat Florida A&M last week, 21-10, How, because he’s getting it done in an amazing way no matter the pitfalls. Howard has it’s spring sports season stopped by the NCAA two years ago.

Grambling could have chosen to do this, but, the leadership they were supposed to trust let them down in a huge way.  Just Sayin…..

Pete Medhurst wrote this column. Follow him and 106.7 The Fan on Twitter.


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