by Chuck Carroll

It has been said the NFL is a league of parity. In picking games this week, the Junkies proved they are no exception.

That is unless your name is John “Cakes” Auville.

JP Flaim, Lurch Bishop, and Eric Bickel each have 8 correct picks against 6 misses heading into the Monday’s clash between the winless New York Giants and the 1-win Minnesota Vikings. It should be noted all three are picking Eli Manning to leave the goose egg behind.

And then there is Cakes. Poor Cakes.

After his coin-flip method showed such promise last week by posting a 9-6 record, he’s in the dumps again this week. A 5-9 record will put you there.

His big strikes: Houston Texans over Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns over the Green Bay Packers.

At least he can make up a game tonight if the Vikings win.

Will he modify the strategy next week? Zippy chance.

Season Standings

JP: 70-35
EB: 68-37
Lurch: 56-49
Cakes: 53-52


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