by Chuck Carroll

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Relying on the fickle flip of a coin is risky business. Had Cakes been using this ill-advised method in Las Vegas he’d be searching for a shirt. Then again, he already lost his pants in Atlantic City.

Well, that’s the likely scenario. This week, however, is a different story.

Entering the Monday night, Cakes’ coin correctly prognosticated a staggering nine games with just five misses.

He should have gone 10-4, but the coin picked the Jacksonville Jaguars to beat the Denver Broncos. Anyone with a half of a brain knew that wasn’t going to happen.

When asked about his decision not to veto the coin on that particular game, Cakes simply stated he has to “commit to the bit.”

That record is good enough for second this week behind JP and EB who each posted an eyebrow raising 11-3 record in Week 6 through Sunday.

Lurch struggled mightily this week, explaining he refuses to pick his beloved San Francisco 49ers. Even so, that would account for just one of nine total misses.

Overall, JP continues to the outperform the coin and the rest of the competition this season. He holds a two-game lead over second place EB with a record of 62-29.

Cakes has drawn even with Lurch on the year thanks to the coin this week.

Week 6 (Through Sunday)

JP: 11-3
EB: 11-3
Cakes: 9-5
Lurch: 5-9


JP: 62-29
EB: 60-31
Cakes: 48-43
Lurch: 48-43


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