by Chuck Carroll

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — John-Paul Flaim and Eric Bickel continued to pull away from the pack in the Junkies NFL pick ’em with dominant Week 5 performances.

Following Monday night’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets, JP and EB wound up with 10 correct picks versus four misses.

JP holds the overall season lead by two games. His strong showing included correctly predicting the Cincinnati Bengals to upset Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

His gaffes: Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers, San Diego Chargers, and Atlanta Falcons.

EB fanned on the New England Patriots, New York Giants, Chargers, and Falcons.

Lurch turned out a .500 (7-7) record and will need to make up a good chunk of ground as the season moves forward.

His misses: Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Giants, Tennessee Titans, Chargers, Houston Texans, and Falcons.

Which brings us to poor John Auville. After a week of pseudo respectability where he successfully picked nine games, Cakes is brining up the rear once again. Actually, it’s not even Cakes who is doing the picking.

It’s the fickle coin of fate. Yes, he’s literally flipping a coin to pick each game.

When the coin said the Jacksonville Jaguars would get their first win of the season, Cakes said, “you’re damn right they will.”

Only they didn’t.

When the coin said the Detroit Lions would managed to topple the Green Bay Packers, Cakes said, “Giddyup.”

Only they didn’t either.

And so he’s in the basement, but undeterred. In speaking with him Monday morning, Cakes was ready to press on.

“You know what? [Expletive deleted] it! I’m sticking with it!” he proclaimed.

Best of luck to you, sir. Might I suggest a new coin next week?

Week 5 Results

JP: 10-4
EB: 10-4
Lurch: 7-7
Cakes: 5-9

Season Standings

JP: 51-26
EB: 49-28
Lurch: 43-34
Cakes: 39-38


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