WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Maryland Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin says he has “no idea” how many pages of the Affordable Care Act that he has read.

In a brief interview with CNS News, Cardin – who voted in favor of the president’s signature health care bill — was asked if he had read all of the 10,535 pages of “Obamacare” regulations that the administration published in the Federal Register.

“I can tell you that we have read the regulations of interest, the ones, the areas that we are involved with, we’ve had inquiries about, we have read those regulations,” responded Cardin. “We’ve commented on those regulations. I’ve been in phone conversations with…”

“How many pages of those 10,535 pages?” interrupted the interviewer.

“I don’t have any idea,” Cardin responded. “But I can tell you that not only have we analyzed it, we’ve had discussions with the administration, we’ve disagreed with the administration on some of the provisions that they’ve included in the regulations, and we’ve been very open and vocal about it. And so yes, we’ve been engaged in the process.”

Cardin’s Maryland and D.C. offices and correspondence are shut down “due to the recent temporary lapse in government funding,” reads the senator’s official website.

A Senate Finance Committee member, Cardin released a statement last week, ridiculing Republicans for shutting down the federal government.

“Democrats want to get rid of sequestration; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to ensure more Americans have access to affordable, quality health care through Obamacare; Republicans don’t. Democrats want to actually reconcile our two budgets into one; Republicans don’t.”

“In the House, there is a minority in the majority caucus that wants to see government fail and wants to see gridlock rule the day,” wrote Cardin. “These Republicans want to hold the economy hostage so they can try to defund Obamacare. Obamacare will not be defunded.

“We are not turning back the clock,” he continued.


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