by Chuck CarrollBy Chuck Carroll

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — It’s early in the NFL season, but John Auville had nothing to lose. So, Cakes, who is last place in the Junkies pick ’em contest, took to the old tried and true strategy of flipping a coin to predict each Week 4 game.

Perhaps he should have been using the method all along.

Entering Monday night’s game between the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins, Cakes had assured himself of having more hits than misses this week. And with the New Orleans victory, he put together perhaps his best week of picks all season.

That said, the quarter toss strategy, which yielded a 9-6 record this week, wasn’t good enough to take the Week 4 crown. It would have been if somebody would have gotten word to the coin to never bet against the Denver Broncos.

Then again, the coin did correctly prognosticate the New England Patriots would beat the Atlanta Falcons while all other Junks faltered.

Top honors this week belong to JP and EB who each posted a 10-5 record.

Lurch tied Cakes with an 9-6 record using traditional methods.

Washington Redskins believers will appreciate that everyone etched a check in the “right” column by picking RGIII and Co. to get their first win on a baseball field in Oakland.

By going 10-5, JP is two games in front of EB in the overall season standings. Cakes is in the basement, seven games behind the leader but is optimistic his new strategy will catapult him to the top of the leaderboard.

The Junkies Picks

Week 4

JP: 10-5
EB: 10-5
Lurch: 9-6
Cakes: 9-6


1.) JP: 41-22
2.) EB: 39-24
3.) Lurch: 36-27
4.) Cakes: 34-29



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