WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A new report by an international scientific group said it’s “extremely likely” global warming is predominately man-made.

According to CBS News, scientists say with extreme confidence that human activity is the dominant cause of global warming observed since the 1950s.  Those are the strongest words to be stated on the highly debated issue by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In 2007, the same panel claimed it was “very likely” that global warming was man-made during its previous assessment.

Now, the ruling has changed due to a clearer understanding of the climate system, more and better observations and improved models to analyze the impact of rising temperatures.

“Our assessment of the science finds that the atmosphere and ocean have warmed, the amount of snow and ice has diminished, the global mean sea level has risen and the concentrations of greenhouse gases have increased,” said Qin Dahe, co-chair of the working group that wrote the report.

A summary for policymakers with the key findings was published Friday.  The full 2,000 page report will be released Monday.

The IPCC increased its projections of the rise in sea levels to 10-32 inches by the end of the century, while the previous report predicted a rise of 7-23 inches.

These findings are critical to the U.N. since they form the “scientific basis” of negotiations on a new climate deal.

The report said emissions keep rising mainly due to rapid growth in China and other emerging economies. It suggests wealthy countries should take the lead on emissions cuts because they’ve pumped carbon into the atmosphere for longer.