by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – As the guys were hypothesizing their survival instincts – should they ever be cast into the throes of a terror attack – as they often do, Drab was reminded of a painful, traumatic experience of his own, in which he was robbed at gunpoint, and so near to death he said his final prayer.

Let’s all capitalize off of his trauma with laughter now.

Somehow the details of the story, when isolated, are hysterical. Which is strange, because in reality they were horrific.

“I was so scared I was talking to him in the brother voice the whole time, telling him we were both in the struggle together,” Drab told the Junks on Tuesday.

Drab explained how to this day, his near-death experience, which occurred some six years ago in Phoenix and is now forever burned into his brain, haunts him to the point to which he often Google’s his mugger’s name, hoping to learn he’s been thrown behind bars.

“He told me his name was Bob,” Drab would admit.

“I’ll never forget, he was wearing a tall black tee, jean shorts, Deion Sanders training shoes and he starts asking me about where I’m partying at this evening, and if I have any meth,” he recounted.

The hilarity of his horror story goes on.

“He keeps patting his waist and I can hear it in there,” Drab recalled. “If you don’t do what I say, I’m gonna blow your head off.”

Alright, that last part’s not that funny.

Fortunate for Drab’s peace of mind, he recently learned of Rayvon ‘Bob’ Cotton’s incarceration. He and another suspect (who remains on the loose), allegedly walked up to a couple on a sidewalk, in the same area Drab was accosted, and fatally shot a male victim, according to the police report.

This one’s tough to recap – far too many important details – so just listen to it below. 100% Werth it.

Note to Reader: While all the above quotes are unedited, many of them are completely out-of-order of the way they were told.


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