by Chuck Carroll

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — Last week the Junkies were on a roll with their picks. Nobody had fewer than 10 games etched in the winner’s column.

But Week 3 would bring no joy to Mudville and the mighty Junkies have struck out.

Following the Monday Night Football contest between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos, Lurch took top honors for the week with eight correct picks. Yes, .500 is the leader in the clubhouse.

But maybe it’s not all their fault. It’s has been a wacky week in football chock full of pigskin voodoo (see: Cleveland Browns beat Minnesota Vikings).

JP and EB each picked seven games correctly while Cakes is bringing up the rear with six notches on his belt.

Although he’s last, the news isn’t all bad for Cakes. He played the role of heel last week by predicting the Detroit Lions would end their longstanding winless road streak against the Washington Redskins and he was the only Junkie to be right about it.

Unfortunately for him, there were 15 other games on the docket and he only was able to prognosticate five of them with success.

Here’s a look at the season standings after Week 3.

1.) JP: 31-17
2.) EB: 29-19
3.) Lurch: 27-21
4.) Cakes: 25-23

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